Christian principles of dating etc dating in today society

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Christian principles of dating etc

He believes that man can avoid the logical consequences of his beliefs.If an individual believes that God is corporeal, he is making a significant mistake, but he can still relate to the Almighty and still be bound by His Torah.He is unique, neither physical nor spiritual, the Creator of both the physical and the spiritual worlds.The verse which the Rambam cites as proof of God's incorporeality can also be applied to His non-spirituality.The Almighty is confined neither in space nor in time.

If the Almighty were limited in space, then man could elude His awareness.

If he takes the position that God is corporeal, that He occupies space, then he will intuitively conclude that he can hide from Him.

The Raavad (Rambam, Mishneh Torah, Laws of Repentance 3:7) disagrees with the ramification of believing that God is corporeal.

-- Maimonides, 13 Principles of Faith It is necessary to understand and be aware of God's incorporeality because if God occupied space, man could be free of Him.

If God occupied space, He would be limited and He would have boundaries.

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